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Hi there!

About Me

A passionate designer and project manager currently navigating the dynamic realm of Human-Machine Interface (HMI) design. Recently making the exciting shift from the world of marketing, I've found my groove in the HMI department, working on a groundbreaking connected vehicle platform in collaboration with Tata Motors.

🌐 The Journey So Far:
In this ongoing project, I'm not just honing my design skills but also delving into the intricacies of UX design principles, project management, and the art of team building. Leading a team of 20 talented individuals, I'm immersed in the challenge and thrill of crafting innovative solutions for the automotive industry.

🛠️ My Current Mission:
My current goal is simple yet ambitious: to leverage my dual expertise as a designer and project manager to conceptualize, create, and deliver compelling products. Every day is an exploration of new possibilities, and I'm excited about the potential impact of our work.

🌍 Beyond Boundaries:
Beyond my daily endeavors, I'm on a linguistic adventure, delving into the nuances of the Japanese language. With the aim of cultural and professional enrichment, I'm gearing up to take the N5 or N4 proficiency exam next July.

👉 Join Me in this Odyssey:
Explore my portfolio to witness the fusion of design and management, and join me in this odyssey of innovation and learning. Let's create products that not only meet but exceed expectations!

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