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Constant trials of a khurapati mind!

Here is a post to those of us who really love the aspect of hands-on experiences. Whether it be taking test drives of motorcycles just to get the feel of the vehicle or looking at products in shop for their shape and design and not always for the purpose of buying. The textures, the forms, the shapes, the colors and so many more aspects that remain with an object that we as humans connect to unconsciously. This post has some documented proof of my khurapati nature, the slang "khurapati" literally translates to "up to something" and that's what i feel every one of us designers are at our core. Explorations in my spare time during college and later.

Here is to a life of wonder and beauty!

Left image: Structure formation with file card, matchsticks and clay.

Right images: Creating a working knife that closes with paper tesselations

Use of a grid system to create patterns which then would be used to make various figures as above. The explorations made were crab, a laptop mouse and a flower with leaves

Working Explorations made with K'nex a favorite toy of mine since childhood gifted to me by my aunt who would bring it as a gift from the USA. Somewhere i do owe, a part of me being a designer to her! Never got much into Legos, though want to explore them too now. The crossbow could throw darts up to 3m and mobile holder on my motorcycle took me on many bike trips around my college back then!

A folding paper table lamp made for the typography class back in college.

What do you get when you combine architects and engineers together? A win in a competition! We made this structure which held the maximum weight before falling among all the other teams! Kudos to this 3 hour attempt at construction.

A fun puppet show we made to describe the experience of holi in different parts of the country. I did the illustrations for the characters and rendered some of them. Check the video out here -

I am pretty sure Bruce Wayne never sits in his free time creating these throwing bat stars by hand! I did that though with aluminum scrap from a project. Made for a great and a little bit pointy key chain! :D

A 3d journal made as a submission with foldable structures and 3d interactions along with sketches for our trip to Malthan - a village near Pune, Maharastra, India.

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