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Hands-on explorations: Part 1 | A watch inspired by the car Shelby Daytona

The time spent during my master's in design at MitId in Pune, was a time of hands on exploration with various physical aspects of design and model making. Here was an example which took form exploration from paper to actual prototype.

The images above show a Retro styled table clock inspired from the style of shelby daytona, the path breaking 4 wheeler which gave Ferrari, a run for its money, for many years in a row. The shape of the vehicle was a exciting and challenging aspect to include in the design of the watch.

The final model was sculpted with the main body made out of MDF, the metal ring in aluminum and the central space in transparent acrylic. Sculpted in our college's wood and metal workshop, the final model proved to be a treat to the eye and a great entity to keep on your study table.

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